In 1885 the stallions Kars and Hadban arrived in Australia with the stud groom Webb from Crabbet Park. They had been sold to Mr D. Mackay of N.S.W. They left no registered progeny after their arrival in Australia, although two mares by Kars   (Dahna and Rose of Jericho) and a grandson of Hadban (Rafyk) were soon to be imported by Quambi Park Stud. Lady Ann records in her diary that she was heartbroken when Wilfred sold Kars. He was the first stallion used at Crabbet and Lady Ann thought highly of him.

In 1891, Sir James Penn Boucaut established Quambi, the first Arabian stud in Australia. It was situated at Mount Barker Spring 35 km (20 miles) south east of Adelaide . Sir James purchased from Crabbet:

Rafyk, bright bay yearling colt, by Azrek x Rose of Sharon

Dahna, brown mare, by Kars (desert bred) x Dahma (desert bred)

Rose of Jericho, mare, by Kars (desert bred) x Rodania.

In 1891, Sir James purchased 3 more horses from Crabbet. These were:

Faraoun, dark bay colt by Mesaoud x Fulana

Namusa, bay mare, Ahmar x Narghileh

El Lahr, bay mare, Imamzade x Dinarzade.

Sir James kept his fillies and sold his colts, which went on to be sires all over Australia.

By 1908, Quambi Park had the following Arabians:


Rafyk*, f. 1890, by Azrek x Rose of Sharon

Faraoun*, f. 1899, by Mesaoud x Fulana (bred by Ali Pasha Sherif)

Aldebaran, f. 1905

Bildad, f, 1906

Kahtan, f. 1907

Nazar f. 1907


El Lahr*, f. 1899, bay mare, Imamzade x Dinarzade.

Namusa*, f. 1899, bay mare, Ahmar x Narghileh

Sherifa, f. 1893

Kehilet, f. 1897

Labadah, f. 1897

Saade, f. 1901

Khatara, f. 1902

Al Caswa, f. 1903

Abdul, f. 1904

Alweit, f. 1904

Kaaba. f. 1904

Sekh, f. 1905

Khadijah, f. 1905

Morjiana, f. 1906

Nourmehal, f. 1907

Ayesha. f. 1907

Sir James also used the stallions Magistrate* (of desert bred stock) and Mahboub* in his breeding program. These stallions had arrived in Australia in 1888, and had been used for racing in India.

Quambi Stud was dispersed, and the majority of the Arabians passed into the hands of 3 men, A.E. Morrow, The Hon. Samuel Winter-Cooke and G.L. Brown. However, some lines were lost including the mares Kehilet and Khatara.

Mr Brown, from Gulgargambone, N.S.W., purchased the stallion Faraoun and the mares Sekh, Rabi and Ayesha. Afterwards, Brown imported Harir (by Berk). Lady Anne Lytton presented Major R. Brown the stallion Rief, bur sadly Major Brown died soon after and the stallion was imported by his sister Mrs W.D. Brown.

Rief was by Sotamn x Ridaa and had been bred by Lady Anne.

In 1911 Winter-Cooke imported Fakreddin* from Crabbet, and in 1913 purchased Magistrate*, an imported Arabian race horse from F. Austin.

Fakreddin* was by Rijm x Feluka (Mesaoud x Ferida). Ferida had been purchased in Egypt by the Blunts in 1891, and Feluka was the only filly out of Ferida retained by Crabbet. Ferida’s family is extensive in the U.S.A. through Ferda (by Rustem).

In 1925, Mr A.E. Grace imported:

Shahzada*, famous endurance and racing stallion, winner of 100, 300 and 500 mile Endurance Rides as well as flat races against Thoroughbreds.

and the mares:

Miriam* (Nadir x Ranya) Bred by Crabbet

Nejdmieh* (desert bred). Nejdmieh was bred in the Nejd, and was presented by the Emir Ibn Raschid of Hail to Enver Pasha. Major G.H. Barker secured her from Enver pasha’s successors and took her to England. Nejdmieh arrived in foal to Nuri Sherif, a bay stallion bred by S. Hough. Nuri Sherif had the rare lines of Sherifa, Wild Thyme, and the famous mare Hagar who had galloped for miles unchecked in the desert with lady Anne/ These three mares left no lines at Crabbet.

When Winter-Cooke died in 1928, his bloodlines were dispersed. Mrs (later Lady) Dora Maclean of Fenwick Stud purchased 3 mares from the sale:

Asil, Rafyk x Al Caswa

Johara, Fakreddin x Asil

Zem Zem, Fakreddin x Saade

Both Asil and Johara died and left no produce, but Zem Zem’s lines continue.

Earlier, in 1924, Mrs Maclean had imported her foundation mare Rafina by Rustem x Risala from Crabbet. She arrived in Australia with a colt foal at foot, Raseel by Nureddin II.

Mr Jos Jelbart of Stoney Park East founded his stud with the purchase of the following mares:

From Winter-Cooke:

Kufara (Khamasin x Al Caswa)

Mecca II (Khamasin x Al Caswa)

Mena (Fakreddin* x Al Caswa)

From Mr Leonard Brown:

Salaam (Harir x Sekh)

Sa-id (Harir x Sekh)

Mr A.E. Grace:

Judith (Shahzada* x Miriam*)

In 1935, Mr E. Bonython of South Australia imported the stallion Kataf*. Kataf was by the desert bred Outlaw from Kateefah. Her sire Uns-El-Wujood (Firuseh x Kabila) is a tail female descendant of the Ali Pasha Sherif mare Makbula, imported from Sheikh Obeyd in 1898. Kateefah also was a descendant of the mare Johara who was also bred by Ali Pasha Sherif and purchased by the Blunts in 1897. Jos Jelbart used Kataf* extensively. After around 20 years of breeding, Mr Jelbart sold his horses to the N.S.W. Government Department of Agriculture (often referred to as the “College”). The Department purchased the following stallions to use over the Jelbart mares:

Sala* (who was to become most significant in the pedigree of leading endurance horses)

Razaz* (Bred by Musgrave-Clark’s Courthouse Stud).

The College also used the sires:

Jedran (Prince Nejd* x Salama)

Genghis Khan (Shahzada* x Miriam*)

Mr A.J. McDonald’s Tehama Stud was founded on the Quambi lines. Mr A.J. McDonald had purchased the stallions Rafyk* and Faraoun* from Mr Leonard Brown.

Mr A.J. McDonald purchased from Brown’s Tonsdburine Stud the stallions:


Raisuli (Rief* x Ayesha).

Prince Nejd (Shahzada* x Nejdmieh*, desert bred)

and the Quambi bred mares:



Upon A.J. McDonald’s death, his stud was continued by two of his sons until its dispersal in the 1950s. Most of the horses were acquired by Mrs Mary Jane Ellery (see in photo), her husband Mr John Ellery, and their son Mr Leslie John Ellery then of Braeburn, Burnt Yards. The Ellerys had been the breakers for the McDonalds for decades, and had purchased their first Arabian from them in 1930. The last mare bred by the McDonald family, Rumma, became an important mare for the Ellerys’ Cudglebar Stud.

In 1930, Mr John Ellery leased from A.J. McDonald the Shahzada daughters:

Esther (Shahzada* x Miriam*)

Balkis (Shahzada* x Nejdmieh* desert bred)

I n 1939 Rakib* was imported to Australia by Edward Hirst of Springmead Farm. 5 years earlier, A.. McDonald bred the mare Barada II who was a product of the best of the earlier Colonial lines, being by Raisuli (Rief* x Ayesha) from Gadara (Harir* x Zarif by Faraoun* x Rabi). The mating of Rakib* and Barada II produced Bahri and Baz who figure in so many top endurance pedigrees.

Definition of the Colonial Arabian.

The following definition of the Colonial Arabian appeared in the incorporation papers and the papers for the affiliation with the Arabian Horse Society of Australia and was duly published at the time.

 The Colonial Arabian is a term applied to pure Arabians which are 100%
progeny, that is, with no other bloodlines whatsoever, of the following

The foundation stock:
RAFYK* (Azrek x Rose of Sharon) imp. 1891
FARAOUN* (Mesaoud x Fulana) imp. 1901
DAHNA* (Kars x Dahma) imp. 1891
ROSE OF JERICHO* (Kars x Rodania) imp. 1891
NAMUSA* (Ahmar x Narghileh) imp. 1901
EL LAHR* (Imazada x Dinarzade) imp. 1901.

The stallions MAGISTRATE and MAHBOUB both imported in 1888.

FAKREDDIN* (Rijm x Feluka) imp. 1911

HARIR (Berk x Hamasa) imp 1912 by G.L. Brown
RAISULI (Rief* x Ayesha)
PRINCE NEJD (Shahzada* x Nejdmieh*)
SEKH (Rafyk* x Namusa)
RABI (Rafyk* x Namusa)

SHAHZADA* (Mootrub x Ruth Kesia)
MIRIAM (Nadir x Ranya) imp. 1925
NEJDMIEH (Desert bred) imp. 1925
NEJD SHERIFA iid. (Nuri Sherif x Nejdmieh*) imp. 1925

SIRDAR (Shahzada* x Nejdmieh*)
ISHMAEL (Shahzada* x Miriam*)
KATAF* (Outlaw, desert bred x Kateefa) imp 1935 by E.G. Bonython, SA
NAZAR (Rafyk x Labadah)

MECCA II (Khamasin x Al Caswa)
KUFARA (Khamasin x Al Caswa)
MENA (Fakdreddin* x Al Caswa)
KAABA (Fakdreddin* x Al Caswa)

Wholly descendants of horses bred or owned by the NSW Depart6ment of
Agriculture up to 1955 inclusive, specifically:
JEDRAN Prince Nejd x Salama
GHENGIS KHAN Shahzada* x Miriam*
SALA* (Grey Owl x Hama) imp 1959
RAZAZ* (Champurrado x Rahab) imp 1955
ALADA Aladdin x Cazada
ALAGA GIRL Aladdin x Anaga
ALAGA MAID Aladdin x Anaga
ALMELI Aladdin x Tarfa II
ANAGA Sirdar x Judith
BURAIDA Sirdar x Salome
CAZADA Sirdar x Mecca II
FARA Kataf* x Salome
FUEWASA Kataf* x Cazada
GHAZAL Kataf* x Judith
KASSIE Kataf* x Caswa
KATAF’S LASS Kataf* x Judith
MIRA Kataf* x Melika
MISHAL Sirdar x Kufara
MELIKA Ishmael x Kufara
RUFEIYA II Kataf x Sir Aatika
SIR AATIKA Sirdar x Kufara
SALOME Ishmael x Mecca II

Plus the following imported horses
INDIAN LIGHT* (Naseem x Nisreen) imp 1935 by A.D.D. Maclean, Fenwick Stud
RAKIB* (Nax x Rythama) imp 1938 by HSD Hirst, Springmead, NSW
RASEEL* (Nureddin x Rafina) imp 1925 by A.D.D. Maclean, Fenwick Stud
RIFFAL* (Naufal x Razina) imp 1947  by A.D.D. Maclean, Fenwick Stud
CAIRO* (Sahara x Nurmanah)
RAFINA* (Rustem – Risala) imp 1925  by A.D.D. Maclean, Fenwick Stud
NASIRIEH* (Skowronek x Nisreen) imp 1935  by A.D.D. Maclean, Fenwick Stud
NURALINA* (Hazzam x Nasira) imp 1936  by A.D.D. Maclean, Fenwick Stud