Hyksos Arabians
Hyksos is based on the old bloodlines of the ancient type of Arabian, but not the plain type of Colonial.
The first horse to bear the Hyksos prefix was Hyksos Sabok, the 1999 N.S.W. MW Distance Horse and 3rd National. Sabok has proven to be a successful endurance sire as well, with progeny such as Stanpark Bell (see below), Bradali Aseef (3rd and Best Cond at the 2005 160km Trans Tasman FEI) and good winner Hyksos Katana (who competed for Browns under the name Ramalea Katana) and is a 3/4 sister to my stallion Hyksos Arkhon.
Hyksos Sabok was by heavyweight endurance horse Cudglebar Nur Ed Dam, stud sire for Cudglebar. Les Ellery kindly let me use this stallion in the Kikkuli Experiment. Nur Ed Dam went on to be a successful Heavyweight endurance horse.
Hyksos Sabok is the sire of Stanpark Bell (real name Bangalow Park Bell) who won a 160km Heavyweight Div. end of last season and won it outright the year before. Stanpark Bell placed 2nd LW at the Faraway 320 km Ride (April 2006). Sabok is also the sire of the well performed mare Stanpark Mystery who won a 160km LW at the end of 2006.
The below is pure Colonial stallion Hyksos Sabok, 1999 NSW Distance Horse, 3rd National Distance. (Thank you Splitters Creek for photos of Hyksos Sabok and Hyksos Benjamin.)